GA Lottery 6 County Analysis

The HOPE Scholarship Program has helped create a more educated workforce in Georgia and an attractive place for both employers and employees.

This year, more than 80,000 children are enrolled in Georgia’s Pre-K Program in more than 3,800 Pre-K classrooms in all 159 counties in the state.

Last school year alone, over 171,000 students attended colleges throughout Georgia on the HOPE Scholarship and Grant Program, receiving $724 million in lottery proceeds.

Georgia Lottery proceeds are used to fund specific education programs:

  1. Tuition grants and scholarships to undergraduate college students for attendance at eligible Georgia colleges, universities, or technical colleges
  2. The Georgia Prekindergarten Program for all 4-year olds

Of the 1.8 million students that have been able to attend colleges through Georgia’s HOPE scholarship program, 33,902 were from our region.  Of the 1.6 million four-year-olds that have been able to attend Georgia’s Prekindergarten Program, 38,572 were from our region.  All of Georgia’s public schools have benefited from over $1.8 billion in capital outlay, computer and technology upgrades.

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