Golden Isles Business Helps Meet the Demand for Face Masks to Keep Glynn Running

Golden Isles Business Helps Meet the Demand for Face Masks to Keep Glynn Running

Local organizations are working together to keep manufacturing employees protected during the COVID19 pandemic.  Glynn County, GA— Local companies in Glynn County, Georgia, are working together to produce and purchase face masks to protect employees in essential business operations.

Island Drapes and Upholstery was making small batches of masks when they were contacted by the Golden Isles Development Authority to produce a large quantity for area industries.

Auret Cavedo, the owner of Island Drapes, worked closely with the Development Authority to understand what her new customers were seeking.

“Our organization has always believed that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. During this pandemic, our customers and their needs have changed, and we are grateful that we are in a position to help fulfill this need and protect our community’s manufacturers.”

The Development Authority was able to help reduce the cost for a bulk order by combining several local firms’ need for the masks.

“During these unprecedented times, our organization is committed to identifying new ways that we can support our local industries. The connection with Island Drapes and Upholstery to keep our manufacturing workforce safe, while also providing customers to a local small business, is a win-win for everyone involved,” Ryan Moore, President & CEO of the Golden Isles Development Authority.

Chairman for the Development Authority, Wayne Johnson, also showed his support of the collaboration.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many new challenges to all of our community’s businesses. The Development Authority’s partnership with Island Drapes is an excellent example of how our private and public sectors can work together to overcome challenges.”

The first order of 1,000 face masks was fulfilled and delivered to several large, local manufacturing firms on Monday, April 13.  Read more



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