Project WY Announced-Working Together to Find Solutions for Local Businesses

Technology has been an essential tool in helping communities’ market their assets to attract and retain business; however, no amount of flyover videos or site selection maps can replace a conversation’s value.

With just over a year before their lease was set to expire, the site selection team for Weyerhaeuser struggled to identify the ideal location to build their new 7,000 square foot regional timberlands office building. After an extensive search with a local broker and exhausting all advertised properties on popular site-selection tools, the team reached out to us, the Golden Isles Development Authority (GIDA).

After that first conversation, we knew a great location; however, it was owned by Glynn County and needed to be made available very quickly in order to meet the client’s deadline.  We set to work reaching out to the community partners and organizations that would be essential to helping Weyerhaeuser meet their goal.

The property rezoning and disposition process was led by Pamela Thompson, Director of Community Development for Glynn County, who coordinated the work between Thomas & Hutton Engineering, Weyerhaeuser, and GIDA.

With the support of the Glynn County Commission, the Department of Community Development was essential to providing a clear workflow, deadlines, and requirements that would be needed for successful completion of each process and required permit. Most importantly, the identified workflow had to deliver a newly constructed office space before Weyerhaeuser’s existing lease expired


“Our department and team are solutions-oriented. We understand that the development process is different in every community, and it is our goal to help clients identify a path forward that meets their goals and supports sustainable growth for the County.”

Since the project’s kick-off in November 2020, GIDA and Community Development have been working collaboratively to help this project hit all required milestones.

In April of 2021, GIDA’s Board of Governors approved the property’s final purchase and incentive package for Weyerhaeuser’s office. Construction of their new facility will begin once the remaining site plan and construction permits are approved. Weyerhaeuser is currently on schedule to have their new office delivered in time for their lease expiration.

“The Golden Isles Development Authority is committed to moving at the speed of business. The board and staff are available to listen to your goals. Together we can identify solutions that support your growth in our community and beyond,” Wayne Johnson, Chairman, Golden Isles Development Authority.

This project retains approximately 20 jobs that pay above the median salary of Glynn County and will result in new capital investment of over one million dollars in the office building.

A successful project would not have been possible without the first call between the site selection team and GIDA. Once GIDA understood the unique challenges and the potential impact for Glynn County, we were able to work together on a solution that supported the client’s goals and timeline.

You do not have to solve problems or identify opportunities alone; call GIDA today to start the conversation.