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Created in 2004, The Southeast Georgia Alliance is a six county regional partnership located between Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida.

We collaborate with private and State resources to promote business and manufacturing opportunities which include access to a labor force draw area of over 800,000 people. This location gives companies the benefits of larger metropolitan areas, including workforce and amenities with a one stop contact, development ready sites, lower taxes and logistical access to international airports, interstates, and ports.

While the individual counties of Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Glynn, McIntosh and Wayne manage the projects, we help companies discover the countless advantages and benefits the SE GA Alliance has to offer. In other words, we create lead generation, marketing and branding for the area. We provide value-added services and products to companies, consultants and local developers, site information, workforce demographics, research services and state, federal and local resources.

“Bridging Development Between Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL.”

Southeast Georgia Alliance

Phil Overton Junction – The Game Changer

The most impressive project that the Southeast Georgia Alliance has accomplished is the completion of the Phil Overton Junction which is a connector track that links a Norfolk Southern and CSX railroads. The project is hugely beneficial because it greatly reduces the amount of time required for moving automobiles out of the Port of Brunswick. In addition, the SEGA also gets a user fee based on the number of rail cars that use the track. The money is used for the benefit of all member counties.

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