Regional Data


Population & Demographics Overview

The data below only includes the population that resides within the six counties that make up the Southeast Georgia Region.  Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida border the Region so actual population levels vary greatly depending which area of the Region you’re considering.



The population within the six county Southeast Georgia Region is 212,396 and over the last five years has grown by 2.5%.  There are 71,553 Jobs in the Region.

Source: Emsi Q4 2017 Data Set


Total Jobs

Average Earnings

The Cost of Living Adjusted Average Earnings for the Region is $51,500 which is 80% of the National Average.

Source: Emsi Q4 2017 Data Set

Average Earnings


Average Earnings Compared to National Average

Educational Attainment

In the Southeast Georgia Region 

  • 51.1% of the total population has “Some College” or higher
  • 28% of the total population have advanced level degrees
Source: Emsi Q3 2017 Data Set | | Download the Southeast Georgia Regional Economy Overview

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