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Work while you’re on vacation…

Tourism is a major part of the Coastal Georgia Region and is a great indicator to the high quality of life the Region offers.  In Glynn County alone, visitors contribute in excess of $1 billion annually.  Businesses that decide to locate in Southeast Georgia do so primarily to take advantage of the numerous assets of the Region (such as having access to two container ports) but quality of life is a major factor in the business location decision.

A quality workforce is becoming increasingly difficult to find, recruit, and keep.  You need to locate in a region that excels at attracting people.

Diverse Housing Options

The Region offers a wide range of housing options so you can be sure you can attract and keep the exact workforce you need to be successful.  New housing is available throughout the Region.  As a coastal region, executive level housing is readily available.

The average cost of living in the Region is 10% less compared to national averages.


Southeast Georgia Health System serves the Region and have a large presence in both Glynn and Camden County.


K-12 Schools

All counties in the Southeast Georgia Alliance have made Education a top priority.  Here are a few examples…

  • Camden County – highest level of “Dual Enrollment” high school students in Georgia.
  • Glynn County – Created a technical education complex’ across from the Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport that includes high school level vocational training at the Golden Isles College and Career Academy and post secondary technical training at the College of Coastal Pine’s Brunswick Campus.

Take a few minutes and visit the following pages to learn more about each County’s public education systems.

Higher Education in Coastal Georgia

The Southeast Georgia Region is home to numerous colleges, universities, and technical training institutions.  Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL border the Region and both offer several addition opportunities for higher education and workforce development.

Colleges and Universities in Coastal Georgia include:

College of Coastal Georgia

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