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Brantley County, Georgia offers direct access to an abundance of natural resources (especially timber), timber mills and rail access to Mayor’s Point Terminal allowing businesses and industries to save money and time on transportation of goods. Wood pellets travel less than 50 miles between the forest to transportation hubs; with little handling during the process.

Wood Products + Easy Access to the Southeast U.S.

With easy access to transportation and natural supplies, the Brantley County is an ideal hub for the Wood Products and Biofuels industry sectors. The county is bisected by Corridor Z and U.S Route 82, a four lane east-west highway. In addition, the CSX rail line runs along U.S. 82 and provides access to the entire Southeast United States. Businesses and residents have easy access to the Jacksonville International Airport and east coast cities via Interstate 95. Brantley Country provides a unique location option for warehousing and distribution operations.

In addition to easy access to transportation hubs, Brantley country offers advanced internet services through the Brantley Telephone Company fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network plan. With high speed internet accessible to everyone in the country, businesses and residents can quickly access and communicate about their needs. Businesses will find the combination of quick transportation and reliable communications make this community an excellent option for development.

The comfortable community is home to educated, qualified potential employees. Over 75 percent of the work force in Brantley have a high school diploma or higher. With easy access to higher education at Coastal Pines Technical College or other area colleges, more residents are being trained for future success every day.

Brantley County is home to just under 7,000 households. With a 91 percent employment rate, the members of this community have a stable income and provide an excellent consumer and employee base for potential employers. Home to just over 18,000 people, the community provides charm and familiarity missing in many big-city locations.

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